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HAZE [21 Mar 2007|04:33pm]

I wish to present you the new web-zine-galery, devoted to the modern art of Belarus: photo, painting, music. On h-a-z-e.org you will find MP3 of belarus experimental electronic music projects.

raw n^d
knyaz` mishkin
karaoke vomit
doctor damon
samantha smit
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Do you remember Liquid Television on MTV? [13 Jul 2005|10:32pm]


For Sale by Liz: Mint Aeon Flux Boxed Set.

This is the official MTV Liquid Television Aeon Flux vhs Boxed Set. MINT . Exc. condition.

It includes a top cover that is silver and holographic. Inside are Three vhs videos

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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[23 Jun 2005|05:47pm]

Please check out our community. http://www.livejournal.com/community/for_your_eyes/

We have two projects ongoing at the moment, The Pages Project and the Alternate Book Project. Both projects encourage people to participate and add contribution. You may write, draw, do anything as long as you honestly express who you are. If you check out the community we have several Pages scanned showing other people's contributions, and if you look around you will find all the information you need to know for each project. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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[10 Apr 2005|07:59pm]


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Woodstock Art & Tattoo Festival [06 Sep 2004|12:33am]
Time to pick up the tickets for this event...

Town wide-art, music, and tattoo festival, September 17-19.

Some highlights:

-120 snowboards painted by some of the top tattoo, graffiti and visionary
-Spider Webb's 911 Memorial Exhibit.
-The work of H. R. Giger.
-The Blessed & The Blasphemous, Art show.
-Murphy's Law and over 32 live acts on 5 stages.

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[22 Jul 2004|01:59am]
This is run in part by Curse Mackey of Grim Faeries, Evil Mothers, and Pigface

Also original Giger art will be displayed

Murphys Law will be playing

Featuring alternative art

80 Burton Snowboards will be painted by top tattoo artists, visionary artists & graffiti artists!

September 17-19 in Woodstock NY. For more information on who is going to
be there and what's going to be going down, click the image above.

To see video footage of last years event, go here.

If you chose to go, I can get you a 15% discount.

All you need to do is go HERE.

And enter the promotion code: rfl3a2

When you get your tickets, and you'll get 15% off everything.

I look forward to seeing you there...
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[09 Apr 2003|06:19am]

hi just randomly found this
community and well i like writting
and what not so i joined.
i run a poetry community as well
its in my info if anyone wants to
take a look.
-i like to write
-i like to create
-it helps me hide how
i really feel
-i talk in code
-i think too much
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Hello [29 Jan 2003|12:35am]

I'm new to the community, this is my first post. These are some plaster tiles I made last summer. These and some other things are posted in my art journal mysocalledart.

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[23 Jan 2003|08:30pm]

hey, got a new guitar case and need to saturate it in stickers?

i'm selling a pack of 3 stickers on ebay, 2 refused and an international noise conspiracy sticker. i'm also selling some shitty punk band stickers if you're so inclined (pennywise, dropkick murphys, ugh)


fuck yeah epitaph contraband
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some old work [17 Jan 2003|12:58am]


grrr for camera/lighting glare, poor color resolution, and blurriness :P
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[02 Dec 2002|01:50am]

what are some recommendations for eloquent erotic writers a la anais nin and georges bataille?
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you thought i'd forget, but i remember. [30 Nov 2002|08:56am]

last night i dreamt up a revolution wherein we all spoke russian and understood the love that is called by no name except bastard son of wilde, and yet i dreamt of a black wolf in the form of a woman, who thought me peasant, and she of black did dream in blood, she told me stories, whispered in my ear-- raevenn in a spyke. her friend, ever the crow, took my hand for rape and bride, pillage prayer-- i denied i ever loved a racoon, but there was one called erik who denied me and he lied, i cried, he tried, i died-- these words were true, and so were you, down by the ocean my depression your sensation we did fie and tryste macabre he feasted on my bones, i hate him so. he took three men who would have died with lies feasting like maggots on their tongues inside their mouths and their eyes were glass like their hearts like ice, their livers chicken yellow and amber, their spleens were stones like bated breath-- they brought down ruin to destroy my mind, they did. and they succeeded; 'i hate you all' i cried, i tried, i lied, i bide my time, my tongue, my witchy ways to screw them all. i have. i'll carve out in spoons their names. i'll beat them up in whips, drive them in chains. the caved in souls of vanity will find no hope, no faith in me. sisters of mercy, i binde to thee: these bastard sons of fucking bitches. i bow my brain, i bend, i beat a strong palmetto strike tatoo of drums beating like pulsing rhythms set to war in script and sin and bloody black ink of gothic stones. i write in tongues, i write in bleeding henna on my back, my bare neck open like for chopping block. i kill them all with pen, i write.
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[20 Nov 2002|05:43pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I typed these to put them on my journal, thought I might as well share.

From The Black Riders and Other Lines

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
Who, squatting uopn the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said "Is it good, friend?"
"It is bitter -bitter," he answered;
"But I like it
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart."

Yes, I have a thousand tongues,
And nine and ninety-nine lie.
Through I strive to use the one,
It will make no melody at my will,
But is dead in my mouth.

I looked here;
I looked there;
Nowhere could I see my love.
And -this time-
She was in my heart.
Truly, then, I have no complaint,
For though she be fairer and fairer,
She is none so fair as she
In my heart.

I stood upon a high place,
And saw, below, many devilc
Running, leaping,
And carousing in sin.
One looked up, grinning,
And said "Comrade! Brother!"

-Stephen Crane

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[27 Oct 2002|08:52pm]

hey im new so ill post some stuff

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[27 Oct 2002|04:11pm]

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i'm new here. [23 Oct 2002|10:18am]

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fla [13 Oct 2002|12:40am]

florida, anyone?
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FREE SPEECH, bitch! yours and mine. [30 Sep 2002|09:17pm]

::waves, gets ready to speak briefly::

Hello, human clan! I invite you all to join my nekkid crusade. It deals with FREE SPEECH; CREATIVE EXPRESSION; ANTI_CORPORATE BIAS; HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM; and DESTROYING HOMOPHOBIA.

oh, and supporting BISEXUALITY as a valid lifestyle choice.

All I'm asking for is that you LJ-be/friend me for 72 hours; I promise that you won't be added, and that, as things are getting a little- uh, hectic shall we say- on the front lines, then all your friends-only (if any) journal entries are safe from the prying eyes of Some Random Blogger (aka, me).

Again, thankyou so much for your time. In advance.

I'm learning to be surprised at how much an unknown Other online may try to help you out when faced with the power and capability to do so.

Jill B.
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[20 Sep 2002|08:16pm]

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[20 Sep 2002|10:10am]

Grrr, Baby!!
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