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FREE SPEECH, bitch! yours and mine.

::waves, gets ready to speak briefly::

Hello, human clan! I invite you all to join my nekkid crusade. It deals with FREE SPEECH; CREATIVE EXPRESSION; ANTI_CORPORATE BIAS; HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM; and DESTROYING HOMOPHOBIA.

oh, and supporting BISEXUALITY as a valid lifestyle choice.

All I'm asking for is that you LJ-be/friend me for 72 hours; I promise that you won't be added, and that, as things are getting a little- uh, hectic shall we say- on the front lines, then all your friends-only (if any) journal entries are safe from the prying eyes of Some Random Blogger (aka, me).

Again, thankyou so much for your time. In advance.

I'm learning to be surprised at how much an unknown Other online may try to help you out when faced with the power and capability to do so.

Jill B.
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